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The OpenUnderwriter project has 4 types of release. This page gives an outline of what you can expect of each type.

  • Early Access Releases

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    Description: During the development of a release we periodically make releases like this - generally when the development of a new feature is complete. If you need the very latest features, this may be the release type for you. If you want to help develop or test OpenUnderwriter this is a very good place to start as you get to see and comment on the very latest system. However, this is the least stable release type. You can expect it to have passed unit testing, integration testing, automated system testing and product testing, and the new features will have been system tested; but the system as a whole has not been fully through system test. Documentation for this release type is maintained on the wiki.

  • Release Candidates

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    Description: Release Candidates are prepared in the run-up to a final release. Each Release Candidate progressively fixes issues found in the previous candidate. Only defects are fixed when a release is in this stage, no new features are added. As more Release Candidates are made we expect to see the total outstanding issues count dropping until a level is reached where a final release is considered appropriate. Documentation for this release type is maintained on the wiki.

  • Final Releases

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    Description: This is the most stable type of release. Once released, we don't expect any further changes to this version of the system. Documentation for this release type is maintained on the wiki and also published in pdf form, the pdf is effectively a snap shot of the Wiki at the time of the release

  • Service Pack Releases

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    Description: Service Pack release may follow on from Final Releases. They are made if issues are found following a Final Release to provide bug fixes ahead of the next release. Usually this type of release requires no further documentation changes, however if changes are required (i.e. a user interface process was fundamentally flawed) the both the wiki and published pdf would be updated.

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